Uncovering The Affordability Of 10 Year Mortgage Rates

10 year mortgage rates

In this tight economic crisis buying a brand new home to start our live is merely a dream to every one of us. To make this dream come true we all are depending on the financial institutions like banks and mortgage lenders. Today many banks and various mortgage lenders offer very attractive deals to gain the attention of potential customers. When they get many new customers obviously their profit will go up.

Most of the banks offer the mortgage loan against the real property you are going to buy. They will check the applicant’s repayment capacity by checking their credit report and income source. Based on this eligibility they will determine your monthly payments and the tenure of the loan. When it comes for the interest rates it will differ from lender to lender and the term of the loan a can be anything between 40 years to 10 years.

Pros and cons of 10 year mortgage rates

When the people have a good repayment capacity then choosing the 10 year fixed mortgage rates will be most beneficial option. One of the main benefit of this program is “the home buyer can get free from their loan in not more than 10 years”.  But when you sign up with the long term it is not possible until the determined long years. In 10 year mortgage rates whenever you pay a monthly premium you are paying more money towards your mortgage rather than the interest rates. But the drawback of this 10 year fixed mortgage rates is you need to pay some big amount from your monthly payment every month.

This short tenure mortgage programs are suitable for the people who are expecting continuous raise in the economic status. Paying all the debt as soon as we can is the most desirable thing in this current economical situation. By paying off quickly you can in fact save several hundreds of dollars every month.  This is the exact reason for people to choose the short term fixed interest rates like 10 year mortgage rates. When you pay off fast you can enjoy a high equity rates on your mortgage.

As we said already we can save plenty of money that is needed to spend on the long term mortgage. But you know how much? If the interest you need to pay on the 10 year mortgage rates is around $8000 then for the same capital amount in 15 year fixed mortgage rates you need to pay nearly $16000.      So just imagine how much money you can save by choosing the 10 year fixed mortgage rates.

Some people think they need to pay some huge amount as their monthly payment when they choose short term mortgages. It is not the case when you consider the following facts

Down payment

People used to hesitate to put higher down payments in the 10 year fixed rate mortgages. Reason is they think investing the same money in something like nest egg and retirement plans or shares will benefit to you more than paying in the home. It is a wise option. Paying the high down payment in the 10 year fixed rate mortgages can actually lowers the capital amount and interest rates so that you can save thousands of dollars need to spend on the interest rates over the years.

Lower fixed interest rates

In some cases when you pay high down payment you can get even 3.25% fixed interest rates. Normally in 30 year fixed mortgage rates you need to pay nearly 4.15 % fixed rate in your monthly payment.

So choosing the short term mortgage programs can help you to get the lower fixed interest rates too


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